Friday, July 23, 2010

2009 Marked the Conception... 2010 Marks the Birth...

FUNKtheFORMULA = the Brain Child of Colin Lawton and Mustafah Greene, 2 young artists from Brooklyn, NY.

Who are we and what the hell is a FunkTheFormula??
We are designers, artists overall, with a passion for real art and giving others a real artistic experience, in any sense of the phrase. We came up with the idea about a year ago to start a company, originally based just around creating fashion that we love and getting in tune with those around us to give them what they love or could love as well.
What started off as an idea for not-so-cheesy cliche skate apparel has now become not only a fashion line always looking to set the next standard in trendy, fashionable, funky clothing, but also a manifestation of our multifaceted creative expression; Fashion, graphic design (including web), photography, and even music, bringing our flare to these worlds and combining them into one overall entity, considering that all go hand in hand in an overall marketing aspect. Our plan is to help in the fight to make artistry and originality strong again, in a world where individuality is becoming a lost concept and artistic expression seems to be against the law and isn't considered an important aspect of growth and knowledge.

And it's only the beginning. Let's Get It. 2010 and Beyond. Stay Tuned...

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